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Special Offers


At this time, if you purchase FOUR or MORE boxes of food, that have an asterisk (*) next to their item number, you will get the offer of another box of food, sent ABSOLUTELY FREE, as a gift, which you can have sent to you, or to any friend or relative in American. Your FREE box will also be sent FREE from shipping charges. To view which FREE boxes are available to you, just visit the selection of ELEVEN delicious items below.

Once you have chosen FOUR or more boxes of food for your order, then the same list of ELEVEN FREE boxes will appear in your checkout page, from which you can select your FREE box from. Then fill out the address of where you want your consignment of three or more boxes sent. Then also fill out where you want your FREE gift box sent, and your FREE box will be sent to anyone in America, FREE of charge!

Currently the list of delicious free items include:

Item # 20097 20 x 5 oz. Natural USDA Choice Sirloin Burgers
Item # 20249 20 x 5 oz. Grass Fed Sirloin Burgers
Item # 20517 15 x 5 oz. Wagyu Burgers
Item # 20549 10 x 8 oz. Natural Boneless Pork Chops
Item # 20558 20 x 5 oz. Natural Free Range Chicken Breasts
Item # 20562 20 x 5 oz. Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Breasts
Item # 20566 20 x 5 oz. Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Kabobs
Item # 20587 5lb x 2 oz. Chicken Tenders w. Italian Crumb Coating
Item # 20594 20 x 5 oz. Turkey Burgers
Item # 20634 10 x 8 oz. Pangasius Sole Filets
Item # 20646-2 10 x 8 oz. Tilapia Filets

Normal shipping charges will be added to your main order of three or more boxes, if you live outside of the “Southern California Mr. Pearson’s personal trucks delivery area”. But your FREE box will be sent to anyone in America with no shipping charges. For information on shipping to different areas in the USA, go to: Shipping Info