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About Mr. Pearson's

Clive Pearson, an expatriate Englishman, first established Mr. Pearson’s in 1993, in Hollywood, CA. Clive moved to Los Angeles after running a successful food delivery company in London, England. Noticing the difficulty for LA residents to purchase excellent gourmet food, Clive established Mr. Pearson’s, with intent to supply the absolute finest wild caught seafood, and natural meats, with the convenience of home delivery. Now we distribute to all of the USA via this exclusive website.

Clive established great business relationships with the most respected meat, poultry and seafood wholesalers that Los Angeles has to offer. With these relationships in place, Clive established the "Personalized Gourmet Food Delivery Service To The Stars". To this date, Mr. Pearson's is the most exclusive gourmet food delivery service in Hollywood and his clients include the "whose who" of the entertainment business. Our testimonials page will present you with an impressive portfolio of celebrity clients.

The most important business relationship Clive has is with his longstanding friend and business associate of ten years, Master Butcher, Erwin Koch. Mr. Pearson's with Erwin's invaluable help, have been satisfying the palates of the most famous celebrities in the world, Irwin focusing on supply to exclusive restaurants, and Clive on home wholesale.

Erwin Kochs, received his certificate as master butcher in Germany1952 and after spending a short period in England, where he met his Austrian wife Anna, they finally settled in Los Angeles. He then bought a small but thriving prime meat company in 1989 with the intent of establishing his reputation as one of the best suppliers of the best quality meats and poultry in Southern California. Within a very short period of time, owners of high-class restaurants realized that Erwin Kochs was a force to be reckoned with, and since 1989 his business has grown by 500%. Mr. Pearson's beef comes from only the most select Midwestern farms and what with Irwin Koch's understanding of quality control, all our customers receive only the finest quality, dry aged beef available.

Hollywood, is a "tight knit" community where the Celebrities, Producers, Directors, Film Executives are all on friendly terms with each other. So, if one wishes to impress this community with a product or service, then maintaining the highest quality is crucial, one bad word will easily lead to disaster. This is why Mr. Pearson's "will never sacrifice quality for any reason, what-so-ever".

Mr. Pearson's now supplies the same high quality, at the best prices available, delivered by express mail to homes across America. If you are new to Mr. Pearson's then welcome to one of the easiest to use online purchasing systems available.

Enjoy your shopping. Clive Pearson.