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Mr. Pearson's Wild Caught Seafood.

Mr. Pearson’s are famous for having the freshest and cleanest fish that one can purchase anywhere in southern California. Nearly all our seafood is wild caught, from cool clean waters, then deboned, skinned and “deep cut” cleaned and then portioned into 8 or 6 oz. portions. This leaves all portions cleaner of all incongruous marks and blemishes, than any competitor. Then each portion is vacuum packed and flash frozen, at the earliest possible moment, to seal in the freshness.

Store bought 'wet' fish is left on display, un-frozen, for an unspecified period, so you are not sure how long it has been in a 'wet' state. Any fish left in an un-frozen state for longer than 12 hours, means it has started to spoil. This is why ‘wet fish’ is sometimes reduced to a very low price so that it can be sold as quickly as possible, before it becomes smelly and inedible, even though it still appears in a good state to eat. Mr. Pearson's fish is never 'wet' for longer than three hours out of the water. Our frozen fish portions taste fresher than any store bought ‘wet fish’ however long you may think the store fish has been sitting there out in the open. Taste the difference. For more information on our Seafood please go to more info.