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Mr. Pearson’s USDA 100% Organic Beef.

Mr. Pearson’s are proud to supply to the homes of America USDA !00% Organic beef, and to this end, we have partnered with the best of the best, USDA Certified “Organic Beef Farms” in the American Midwest.

Twenty Five percent of all food products bought in America are now organically grown, so to rise to this demand, Mr. Pearson’s supply organic beef, that is raised on farms, where the cattle raised are absolutely 100% bred, raised, and pasture-grazed right here on farms in the United States, with cattle that have been given absolutely no antibiotics or added hormones... and grazed on pastures which have been free of pesticides, fertilizers, and any other synthetic chemicals or applications.

All Organic Beef produced in America must meet the most stringent USDA standards, for there are so many important factors that help make organic food products “better for us”.

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