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Mr. Pearson’s ‘Natural’ USDA Prime & Choice Dry Aged & Wet Aged Beef.

We at Mr Pearson’s, pride ourselves on supplying only the very finest USDA Prime and Choice beef available. Only 2% of the beef in the USA is USDA Prime, and Mr. Pearson’s are proud to supply the finest USDA Prime and Choice beef to happy customers throughout the USA.

Mr. Pearson’s USDA Prime beef comes from a few particularly chosen farms in the Midwest, and is sought after for its rich juicy marbling. But sometimes our customers prefer a slightly less marbled cut, so we are delighted to have USDA Choice beef available. USDA Choice beef is just as good in quality as our USDA Prime beef, in terms of ethical rearing standards, quality and nutrition etc, except it has slightly less marbling. Remember, there are two other grades of beef below USDA Prime and Choice, and those are USDA Select and USDA Standard, so you can count on the fact that you are getting the absolute best beef from Mr. Pearson’s. Don’t feel that you are depriving yourself in anyway if you decide to buy USDA Choice beef from us, it is just as impressive beef, as USDA Prime, but it is FAR LESS IN COST TO YOU than USDA Prime beef.

Finding beef that is excellent in satisfying your piqued sense of what food goes to make an excellent dining experience can be challenging. Finding beef that will satisfy your acute radar, when it comes to locating a product that is agreeable to your sense of what is ethically reared with the highest standards available, can be arduous. With these two issues in mind, finding beef that is also acceptable to your pocketbook can be a chore, especially in times of economic hardship. The long wait is over, indeed, at Mr. Pearson’s we know you can check all these three criteria’s with comfort, now that you have found Mr. Pearson’s ‘Natural’ line of USDA Prime and Choice beef.

We at Mr. Pearson’s are extremely selective when it comes to solidifying business partnerships, and to this, we only supply ‘Natural’ beef, that is sourced from the finest farms in the Midwest. All our ‘Natural’ beef come from steers that are reared on free ranging farmland, that are encouraged to feed on the green grasses and other greenstuffs, that one will find ‘Naturally’ growing throughout the Midwest. Then after a period of time, the steers are also fed corn. This process assists in the beef in developing a richer marbling throughout the beef.

Wet Aged & Dry Aged USDA Prime and Choice beef, we at Mr. Pearson’ are fully confident that we have the best beef in the USA. For more rearing, nutritional, and other information, including information on "special order" items, on our ‘Natural’ line, go to more info.

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