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Mr. Pearson's Natural and Organic Chicken

Mr Pearson's are happy to supply Organic, and All Natural Free Range Chicken. Mr. Pearson's only supply 100% certified Organic, and Free Range Chicken. All our Organic chicken products are sourced from family owned farms that employ the very highest Organic farming practices. In keeping with the most stringent Organic farming standards, our Organic poultry farmers only feed their poultry USDA certified Organically grown feed, which include, Organic soybeans and corn, and are allowed to run free in the open. None of the poultry that Mr. Pearson's supply has ever been fed any animal by-products, or anything else that may endanger your health. All our Natural Free Range Chicken is given plenty of open space to roam free, enough room to give it that coveted title of a certified Free Range Chicken.

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