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About Our Beef Cuts

Mr. Pearson's Total Trim Filet Mignon

Mr. Pearson's line of Total Trim Filet Mignon is for the beef connoisseur. An exquisite way of showing great hospitality, only the highest quality fillets get Wet Aged, then each fillet steak is hand trimmed extra close to remove all excess fat and silver leaving just the leanest center of the steak, leaving enough marbling to give the delicious flavor, which Mr. Pearson's is famous for. Note: In our Filet Mignon line we recommend USDA Choice, rather than USDA Prime, as they are a little leaner at the center and all other steaks we recommend USDA Prime, as they have more of a regular light marbling through the steak for juiciness and flavoring.

Mr. Pearson's Close Trim Filet Mignon

All of our Natural Beef products are exceptional and our Close Trim Filet Mignon are no exception. Our Close Trim USDA Prime and Choice Filet Mignon are delicately hand trimmed leaving a little more exterior marbling than Total Trim filets for added succulence and flavoring. Then the steaks are vacuum packed and flash frozen to seal in Mr. Pearson's famous freshness. Our Total Trim Filet Mignon are a true delight, yet if you should desire a Filet that is just as tasty, yet a little less expensive, then Mr. Pearson's Close Trim Filet Mignon is the perfect solution.

Mr. Pearson's Bone in Stakes

If you prefer a little added extra flavor in your steak eating experience, then you should definitely order your stakes with the bone left in. When the bone is left attached to the meat, during the cooking process, the bones flavors, which are quite different from the meat, infuse with the meat, giving it a sweeter and nuttier flavor. Whether it's bone in filet mignon, bone in New York strip, bone in ribeye or porterhouse steak, having your stakes sent to you, with the bone left in, will give you a far different eating experience.