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About Our USDA 100% Organic Beef

All Organic meat and other food products, must meet the most stringent criteria of USDA standards, and there are quite a few crucial factors, that deem organic food products, better for the consumer.

All of Mr. Pearson’s steak and ground beef products are fully USDA Certified 100% Organic. Further, Mr. Pearson’s Organic Beef, absolutely uses only cattle that have been 100% bred, raised, and pasture-grazed right here in the United States.

Analysis of data from The United States Department of Agriculture, and data collected from other expert sources, shows that organic produce carries significantly lower levels of pesticide residues than conventional produce. Plus Organic meet products have been proven to reduce the risk of potential exposure to prion-related diseases, such as mad-cow disease etc. Organic meet also significantly reduces the risk of exposure to arsenic residues in chicken meat, and also organically grown livestock practices, assist in resisting the contribution to the increasing phenomenon of drug-resistant pathogens. Plus, studies performed, which compare Organic foods to conventional foods, have noted that: organic foods have higher levels of vitamin C, trace minerals, and antioxidant phytonutrients.

Advantages of Mr. Pearson’s Organic Beef

Most importantly, organic foods are also seen as better for the environment. A number of studies point to environmental advantages for organic farming practices in terms of:

  1. Maintaining or building soil quality
  2. Lessening contamination of ground and surface water
  3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Encouraging biodiversity
  5. Conserving water and energy resources
  6. Recycling waste

Throughout America, consumers are increasingly choosing organic meat and foods - every week, almost 25% of consumers buy an organic food product. The reason is very meaningful to these consumers as organic products are seen as being “better for us” and better for the environment.

As organic meat and food producers must meet stringent USDA standards, there are so many important factors that help make organic food products “better for us”.

To learn more about organic food & beef products and the certification process/requirements, please visit the website for the Agricultural Marketing Service (U.S. Department of Agriculture) at: