"...High quality & easy as can be. Youíll be hooked as well!"~Vanessa Williams more reviews>>

Vanessa L. Williams of Bel Air, California. Vanessa is one of the entertainment industries most multi-faceted and prolific artists in the industry, and should the industry offer awards for endeavor only, then Vanessa would surely receive one with striking deftness. Vanessa has received multiple Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award nominations, for her work in Films, TV, Broadway and the Music industry and is also the author of the book “You Have No Idea”. With such a commanding understanding of the art of entertainment, its difficult to observe the boundaries of Vanessa’s artistry, and to this, Vanessa receives critical acclaim from her peers. For more information on Vanessa L. Williams, go to her website: http://vanessawilliams.com

“I'm hooked on Mr. Pearson's gourmet food! Not only does it get delivered straight to your door, but the quality of the flash frozen items are superb. You just have to thaw your selection out in a bowl of cold water and you're good to go! My favorites are the fresh trout, Kobe beef burgers and filet mignon. Although I have cooked everything from ribs, salmon and shrimp, too.  Always fresh, high quality and easy as can be. You'll be hooked as well!”

“Thank you so much for your kind words Vanessa”. Clive Pearson, Owner of Mr’ Pearson’s.


Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams, of Southern California. Mariel Hemingway is an Actress and Film Producer, famous for staring in many feature films, including “MANHATTAN” with Woody Allen, in which she was nominated for an Oscar, “THE GOLDEN BOYS” and “DECONSTRUCTING HARRY” amongst many others. Bobby Williams is a stuntman, adventurer, TV hosts and a fitness and nutrition expert. Bobby’s adventure website is: http://zer0limits.com Together, Mariel and Bobby run a lifestyle website: www.runningwithnature.com and their lifestyle guide: http://www.marielhemingway.com They have recently released their new book "Running with Nature" and you can purchase this at http://www.changinglivespress.com/#!book-store/cq6m


"Mr. Pearson's Products are so amazing... we love how fresh and humanely raised the land animals are :). The Salmon is the best we have ever eaten. In fact, we have done plenty of Salmon runs to Alaska, to places like Bristol Bay etc., and Mr Pearson’s Salmon is as good as Salmon caught fresh out of the water. Thank you Mr. Pearson for making our dinners DELICIOUS!"

“Thanks Mariel and Bobby for your fantastic support and great fitness advice in the past”. Clive Pearson, Owner of Mr. Pearson’s


Randy and Gretchen Newman, of Pacific Palisades, CA. Randy Newman is famous as a singer/songwriter and has received Emmy, Grammy and Oscar awards for his works. For more info on Randy Newman go to: http://www.randynewman.com

Clive rang our door bell at our home in Pacific Palisades sometime in 1995, extolling the virtues of his foods. So we bought some and found the products to be of great quality, coupled with a very professional and reliable service. We are very happy with Mr. Pearson’s company and look forward to doing business with Mr. Pearson in the future.” Gretchen Newman.

“Thank you Gretchen and Randy, for all your kind support”. Clive Pearson, Owner of Mr. Pearson's.


John and Gail Matthius-Wirth, of Pacific Palisades, CA. Gail was a regular on the TV show “Saturday Night Live” and John, is a writer/producer and was Executive Producer of the TV show “The District”, "Nash Bridges" and "Love Monkey" amongst other projects.

“I first met Clive outside my house when he was delivering to people in my neighborhood. His charm (and of course, that accent... I’m a sucker for an accent) disarmed me and I coughed up a couple hundred dollars in no time, salivating into the freezer over various frozen meats and hors d’ oeuvres, in anticipation of the second coming.  (One just never knows when HE’S coming).  He promised me that my life would be simpler, having all this food on hand for spontaneous meals attended by surprise guests and kids, even teenagers of all sizes. Well, the teenagers never came because we’re not cool enough parents to hang out with, but the hungry spontaneous adults and younger kids, gorged themselves on the delicious faire.   Mr. Pearson’s foods are always exceptional and my family and I have been enjoying Mr. Pearson’s exceptional service for many years.”