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Our Attitude Towards Supplying The Best

Our Mission is to supply, fish that is only wild caught, and beef, pork, lamb and poultry that come from animals that are raised outside and in the open and is fed only grass and finished on corn. Also Mr. Pearson's foods are 100% free from harmful hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products. So you can be certain that you are buying meats from a company that have the utmost stringent policies regarding nutrition and nutrition research.

Our seafood is all wild caught; flash frozen and vacuum packed at the earliest possible moment, to seal in the freshness. Store bought 'wet' fish is left on display for an unspecified period, so you are not sure how long it has been in a 'wet' state. Any longer than 12 hours in a wet state, means it has spoilt. Mr. Pearson's is never 'wet' for longer than one hour. Taste the difference.

Mr. Pearson's beef is supplied to us by farms, who offer beef that is the most ethically raised beef in all of the USA. Creekstone Farms to name just one farm.Creekstone raises some of the finest Naturally raised, hormone and antibiotic free, Black Angus cattle in the country. To get more information on Creekstone Farms and to watch a brief video on their rearing standards to: Creekstone Farms

Our Pork, Lamb and Veal are also naturally raised, supplied by some of the most ethical farming standards known to modern day farming.

In ancient times, doctors in China were paid for keeping their patients from getting sick, but their pay stopped if illness developed. Today, the emphasis is on curing disease; doctors are paid for curing illnesses. Preventive medicine is resurging and as

we continue into the twenty-first century, the speed of science, technology and information is often confusing. The field of health and medicine is no exception.

As a responsible supplier of food products, Mr. Pearson's feel we have responsibility to tell you what information we have found and where we have found it. We also have to analyze this information to determine the direction of Mr. Pearson's and to plan for own future health. The food we eat is the fuel that keeps our body systems functioning. We, as humans, can be compared to a car. If we put in the wrong fuel (such as putting diesel in a gas engine), a car will start sputtering and die. Whereas, with the proper fuel, and checkups, we can prolong our useful life, just like we can an automobile engine. Our food must consist of the proper ratio of carbohydrates, fat and protein in order for our systems to function properly. Minerals and vitamins also have a major impact on all of our systems.

Mr. Pearson's are proud of our artisan Slow Food for its flavor and safety. We supply meats that were raised on pastures and fed naturally grown corn. The animals enjoy a longer life and normal slower growth free from growth hormones and antibiotics while at the farm.

Don't confuse organic certification with pasture production of meat. The organic label doesn't guarantee that animals spent most of their time on pasture. It only means that the animals didn't receive antibiotics, hormones and that their feed was organic certified. Organic meat is heavily regulated and stringently inspected. To be sure, careful attention to organic standards results in a healthier product than you find at most butcher's counters, but it also reduces availability and therefore drives up the price.

Mr. Pearson's natural, open-range, corn-fed products meet many of the USDA's standards for organic meat, but at an affordable price. We think everyone should be able to eat healthier, more nutritious meat.

Mr. Pearson's products meet all USDA criteria for natural meat: they are minimally processed, they contain no artificial ingredients, and they have no preservatives. But we exceed these standards in many important ways: our meat does not contain antibiotics or hormones; there are never any animal by-products in the feed; our livestock is corn-fed and raised humanely. This healthy approach to raising animals results in meat that simply tastes better and is both nutritious and safe. Mr. Pearson's suppliers have NOT used animal casings, nitrates, organ meat, MSG, artificial colors or flavors, irradiation, preservatives, injected tenderizers.

Mr. Pearson's meat is low carb and applicable for Atkins diet and ideal for those who have been advised by their medical practitioners to avoid eating hormones and antibiotics and other chemicals.

It is now generally recognized that humans are capable of functioning and living healthy well past 100. The science of anti-aging focuses on prevention of disease, and maintaining our endocrine system, immune system and nervous system at youthful levels.

So Eat Mr. Pearson's Natural Foods for a Full and Long Life!