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The Ethical Rearing Of Livestock

Question: Can animals, and especially cattle and livestock in general, be a subject of moral concern? Should humans care about the health and well being of animals in general?

Well, we at Mr.Pearson’s believe wholeheartedly, that beef and livestock should be allowed to live their lives in an environment that is most natural to them, and be fed a diet that is nutritious, (and that is of a %100 vegetarian diet for cattle), and slaughtered in the most humane way known to modern farming science. Also, that all livestock in general, should be fed food products, that is similar in nature, to what would have been fed to them, prior to the industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution, is a period in which, the human population started growing so fast, that in many cases, it demanded that a more ‘synthetic’ style of the feeding of livestock should be implemented, to keep up with the growing population. We, at Mr. Pearson’s, firmly believe in the “going back to basics” of cattle and livestock rearing. That means, that ALL livestock should be allowed to live and behave in their most natural habitats, and be culled in the most humane and ethical, and painless fashion known to man.

Some things you should know about Mr. Pearson's beef and livestock products:

None of our livestock is administered antibiotics, ever.

No added hormones, ever.

No growth promoting drugs, ever.

No artificial ingredients.

Our livestock comes from farms were the animals were always fed a 100% vegetarian diet.

All of our livestock and beef, come from farms where they have a full USDA certification, which requires a more stringent supervision and testing than non-certified programs.

We demand that our farming partners rear their cattle and livestock in the most humane ways known to farming trends today.