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About Our Fish

All of our seafood is wild caught, apart from the sole, trout and tilapia. As soon as the fish is caught, it is cleaned, portioned and flash frozen and vacuum packed at the earliest possible moment, to seal in the freshness. Store bought 'wet' fish is left on display for an unspecified period, so you are not sure how long it has been in a 'wet' state. Any longer than 12 hours in a wet state, means it has spoilt. Mr. Pearson's fish is never 'wet' for longer than one hour. Taste the difference.

About Our Shellfish

Mr. Pearson's go to great lengths to get the best shellfish from around the globe. Only our black tiger shrimp is farm raised and we encourage you to try our wild caught, Mexican white shrimp as an alternative. It is firmer in texture and naturally sweet and salty. None of the shellfish we provide has been farm raised apart from the black tiger shrimp and we firmly believe that our shellfish is the best that money can buy.